A muslim homemaker

A project created by Abu & Umm Dawud to instil positivity and Islam within the Muslim family unit. Our aim is to help Muslims embody their elevated roles as a husband or wife through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. 

The Ultimate Guide for a Muslim Wife:
Online Course

The Ultimate Guide for a Muslim Wife is a comprehensive online course to teach you ALL about being the wife you dream of being.

Join 100s of students who have benefited heavily from the course which has been endorsed by sheikhs and students of knowledges.

Self-paced with life-time access so you can watch and listen in your own time. 

Invest in your marriage today.

1-1 Private Coaching (for sisters & brothers)

Our private coaching allows a space to develop spiritually and find personalised results.

 Our range of specialised coaches will help you develop a plan, goals and habits with the accountability you need in order to see growth in your personal life and relationships.

 Available for brothers and sisters.

A Muslim Matchmaker - Matrimonial Service

Are you looking to get married? 

Our matrimonial service is specifically tailored to those looking for traditional roles in a marriage. 

The service is 100% halal where the brother can only contact the wali upon approval of both parties.

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