About A Muslim homemaker

A Muslim Homemaker began when Umm Dawud noticed there were clear issues Muslim women were struggling with within the martial unit. With the business of this world, we lose touch of our true purpose. With the struggle of motherhood, we often live our life on autopilot. A Muslim Homemaker’s purpose was to realign the priorities of a Muslim women and teach them how to implement Allah SWT’s presence in everyday life.

Who is the project leader?

The project lead is a fellow sister who faced the same struggles as the women in the Ummah. Growing up in the West often fuels a conflict of values, leading to confusion about a young Muslim’s true purpose and often it is only when we actually get married we recognised the true effect it has had on us. Addressing and unlearning these conflicting values is a task Umm Dawud has devoted herself to in the hopes of helping her fellow sisters.

Umm Dawud is a student of knowledge and a fully accredited relationship coach which has made the project possible. After earning her Master’s in Law, she embarked on a spiritual recalibration of her life, reflecting deeply and adjusting to harmonise her spiritual path with everyday living.

Through ‘A Muslim Homemaker’, Umm Dawud invites you to join her on this path of spiritual growth, empowerment and enlightenment.

Why Umm Dawud?

Selecting Umm Dawud as your guide on this journey offers a unique blend of academic rigor, spiritual insight, and personal empathy. Her western upbringings enable her to understand and address the conflicts and struggles faced by Muslim women living in western societies.

Umm Dawud speaks with experiences, not just theory. Her teachings are not abstract concepts but lived experiences and real-world applications of spirituality. But most importantly, speaking on matters of religion is a responsibility she takes with utmost seriousness. Her teachings, advice and reminders are firmly grounded in the Quran and the Sunnah, always in alignment with the consensus of scholars. This ensures that her guidance is both spiritually enriching and faithfully rooted in Islamic teaching.

Beyond her academic credentials and coaching accreditations, Umm Dawud’s journey of spiritual recalibration is a testament to her authenticity. She embodies the transformation she advocates for. Committed to helping you navigate through life’s challenge, Umm Dawud offers not just knowledge, but wisdom; not just coaching, growth and inner peace grounded in the principles of the Quran and Sunnah.

By choosing Umm Dawud, you are opting for a guide who respects the richness and depth of Islamic tradition, priorities integrity and faithfulness to the Quran and Sunnah and provides practical and relatable guidance for contemporary challenges.