by Umm Dawud

A comprehensive roadmap to

marital serenity,

fulfilment & elevated purpose

The Marital Unit Has Weakened Over The Generations Resulting In:

Couples living together in resentment and anger.

Individuals feeling isolated, unheard and misunderstood.
Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety prevailing. 
Children growing up with trauma, stress and insecurities.
Children developing behavioural issues and a decline in academic performance.
Reduced Islamic values and morals being implemented.
Increase in physical illnesses deriving from an unhealthy environment
Economical and emotional vulnerability. 
We are producing an overall WEAKER Muslim Ummah.
BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way.
It is within our power, and our duty, to initiate change

What is The Ultimate Guide for Muslim Wife?


Course content is all according to the Quran & Sunnah with authentic interpretations

Thoroughly checked through by students of knowledge such as Umm Meryem & Abdulahad Dayyib

Presented to the Islamic Council of Europe and described to be an important and commendable course

Outline praised privately by Sheikh Ali Hammuda, Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah and Abubakr Zoud


What does the course cover?

Topics include but aren’t limited to:

What do other sisters say about the course?

The Ultimate Guide for a Muslim Wife was created by Umm Dawud, owner of A Muslim Homemaker.

Umm Dawud is a fully accredited relationship coach and has been practising coaching women regarding their marriage for years. She attained her Master’s in Law and is currently studying Islam.

Her unique guidance which is always tailored to the Quran and Sunnah has shown a positive response on social media. Women are often conflicted on who to go to advice for and find it hard to trust coaches and counsellors whose views and morals do not align with the authentic Islamic teachings.

The guide was created to be accessible to sisters all around the world for it is a revolutionary break from the narrative pushed upon women.


Monthly Q&A
by Umm Dawud

Every month, Umm Dawud will allow a platform to ask questions about the course and general relationship queries and concerns. The Q&As will also be accessible later on the course platform.

Test Your Knowledge

Each episode will end with a small, easy quiz to see if you've been listening and to really test whether you're taking in all the information throughout the course!

Access to the Muslim Homemaker Community

We believe support is extremely important so we have allowed a group run by Umm Dawud for the sisters who have purchased this course to stay connected. Make life-long friends with similar aspirations and goals, as well as ask questions, discuss concerns and really just be there for one another.



What is the aim of 'The Ultimate Guide for a Muslim Wife'?

The course aims to empower women with knowledge, skills and a change in perspective when it comes to their marriages. A true guide on learning to embody our elevated roles as wives in Islam.

This course is for Muslim women whether they are newly-weds, married for years or even single sisters just contemplating marriage. 

Absolutely! The beauty of the course is that it is all about self-development and the essence of your true purpose. The guide provides foundational knowledge and insights that can be beneficial for those who are considering marriage. By understanding these principles early on, you can enter marriage with a well-informed perspective. 

“The Ultimate Guide for a Muslim Wife” is designed with modern challenges in mind. While it deeply roots its teachings in Islam, it addresses contemporary issues and conflicts, especially those faced by Muslim women in the West. 

The course has been thoroughly checked by a student of knowledge as well as Ustadh … who has endorsed and encouraged women to complete it.

No. Umm Dawud takes her privacy seriously, she does not upload any recordings of herself where men can listen in. 

The payment details must match the name of the sister taking the course. If it does not, no refund will be issued and you will be blocked from the course.

YES! It is a wonderful gift that acts as a great investment into your marriage. If you purchase this course for your wife, please just email us on as any suspected men will be blocked out of the course.

We want this course to reach as many sisters as possible who will take the guidance onboard. If you cannot afford the course, please scroll down to our sponsorship section.

Again, we want this course to be reached by as many people so yes! You have an option to pay through a 3-month instalation plan. 

As you get full access to all content once you have purchased the course, the program is non-refundable.


There is a direct attack on the family unit from Shaytaan, society and even from our own peers! 

We truly want this course to reach as many sisters as possible and we want this course to be a means of sadaqah jariyah for those who can afford to sponsor a sister. Therefore, we have set up a sponsorship programme. You can donate how much ever you want, every bit makes a difference! Your donation will go straight to a sister who is requesting access to the course. The potential that this can change her marriage holds great kheir for your Akhira. 

May Allah reward you and Jhazakallah kheir.