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What Others Have Said

The best decision I ever made
By: atiyyarashid96

This course has taught me so much! I wasn’t taking accountability of my own actions and through this course I learnt ways of having a healthy marriage. As a single Muslim woman it gives you the best advice going into a marriage. I couldn’t thank umm dawud enough for her knowledge. It’s all Audio so very easy to follow & listen to whilst doing daily tasks. Very helpful and informative highly recommend this to anyone looking to work on themselves. This gave me a better understanding of my roles and responsibilities and how to go into a marriage. The best course out there for Muslim women! jazakallah khair

A complete shift in my mindset
By: malak.eltiii

I finished the course in literally 2 days. I was so invested, and I enjoyed every single word of the course. MashaAllah, and I loved your approach, the way the chapters was divided, how informative it was. It’s just something you can always go back to. Whenever you need a wake up call, whenever you’re looking for information or just confused, you can just go back to the guide. Even if you’re sad or upset. The course can be your comfort. It shows you a lot of discipline, straight to the point and it’s not sugar-coated. It’s the truth and just the honest truth. I had a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments, throughout the course you mention issues that are so relatable, and then you give practical solutions. The course can literally reset your mindset.   It's extremely detailed but not overwhelming. When you’re listening it, you’re actually enjoying it. Very subtle but covers all the main points. I didn’t want it to finish. When I reached the last video, I wanted more but that just shows how much I enjoyed the course. I really truly appreciate everything and the time you put into this course. I really believe it will be so beneficial to so many people.

By: admin

This course really changed my life, it helped me understand my role as a wife. I took notes throughout to remember the gems being said. Umm Dawud is very articulate and delivers the message really well!! Highly recommend.