Assalamualykum wa rahamtuallah wa barakatu,

Thank you for showing interest in our course. We are pleased to announce a sponsorship program aimed at assisting sisters who find the course financially inaccessible. Our goal is to extend the benefits of this course to as many sisters as possible.

Please note, applying for the course does not automatically ensure enrollment. Acceptance is contingent upon the availability of funds from donations and a careful review of your application.

We respectfully urge you to apply if you truly need this assistance. This program is an amanah, intended to support those who are genuinely unable to afford the course. If your budget allows for regular discretionary expenses, we encourage you to view the course fee as an investment in your personal and marital growth. Just saving £12.50 a week can allow you to invest in this course.

This initiative is dedicated to supporting sisters who are truly in need. Please be mindful not to deprive them of this opportunity.